Sunday, August 18, 2013

Loving my Brown Hair

I have been such a busy human being these past days, and, this rainy-to-stormy weather is just making things a lot more slow-paced. But, whatever it is, I was able to squeeze in my long overdue hair color. It's just so fortunate that there is a salon that's too close to home. My very first hair color procedure was done at home, but, it was not a success, so I really had to try it on the salon this time. Of course, I had a skin test done weeks ago, just to make sure, the whole beautification procedure will do no harm to me. Thanks, God, I (skin) did not have any adverse reactions. Since my original hair color was deep black, this took almost an hour, but, I am happy about the result.

I paid P640 for this, inclusive of  shampoo, blow dry, hair cut, and iced tea. I find it a lot cheaper than those salons in malls, so i will definitely be a regular patron of our neighborhood salon. So, what can you say about my new hair color? I had to take the photo of myself side-ways, because the color is a lot clearer on the bangs portion.

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