Friday, June 14, 2013

How About a New Hair Color?

I have been thinking of changing my hair color. It will be the first time, if ever. I just wanna try wearing a shade of brown this time, a little change from my super black hair. I am worried though, that I might have allergic reaction to those that are chemical-based hair colors, so I am so busy researching if I could ever find a natural or organic hair coloring online. I've seen a  few about using tea and coffee, but I have yet to buy the ingredients. I also found about HBC's cheaper hair dyes which I might really try. I'll try first the ones with tea, but, if it won't be a success, I'll have to go and buy the latter. I need to try something that won't let me spend much because I have such a long hair. Whichever I'll try on myself, I will be posting it, too.

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