Friday, June 7, 2013

A Pair of Earrings for an Elegant Look

When it comes to accessorizing, I am not okay without a pair of earrings. I can leave home without any other jewels or accessories, but not without a pair of studs. I just feel that I am not in my complete package when I don't wear one. This all started when I got so conscious of how big my ear-lobes are, the bottom part. With that, I even became picky with the kind of style I can accessorize my ears with. Since then, I've always preferred studs, in fact, I've got imitation diamond earrings of different cuts which I love the most. These type of earrings kind of minimize the size of my ear-lobe, as compared to danglings or those so called, chandelier earrings that has the tendency to pull the ear-lobes down and makes it look stretched and bigger. With studs, which are basically styled with simplicity and beauty, one can always look elegant. But fashionizing is also about wearing the right accessories that will make one look at its best depending on the occasion and ones mood. With studs, I can easily fit in. For now, I still don’t own a pair of diamond earrings, but, I am of course dreaming of owning even just a pair in the future, and be able to feel having how great it is to have that famous girls’ bestfriend, too.

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