Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fitflops for Comfy Feet


Weeks before school opens again made me one busy mom looking and shopping for Rem's school stuffs. Everything went smoothly until my feet really hurt and felt tired. I was wearing my super flat thong sandals then, and made me think that my too flat footwear may not be perfect for long walks. So I made a little bit of research about the proper heel height and I was correct. When we're wearing the correct heel height our feet shouldn't hurt, but, it differs for each person. Some is okay with super flat footwears, while others are not.  But, having felt sure about the effect of the flat sandals, I asked a friend who's got a pair of Fitflop (slippers) if it's really comfy, and she replied saying, "yes, you will naturally like the footwear". That same day, I bought this black sandals, thankfully, it was on sale. Now, I've already used it going around the mall and a lot of long walks, and I now agree on what my friend told me. It's  lightweight, stylish and comfy...I am now falling for this footwear. I might get the non-strappy one in the future. Its cost is just right because I did not regret a bit the moment I used it. So, I say, it's definitely Fitflops for comfy feet!

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