Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Inevitable Ageing

I am already in my mid-30's and I definitely cannot deny anymore the signs of ageing that I notice on myself. The most obvious is my skin, especially, on those parts that shows signs the earliest: hands and facial skin texture. Seeing these changes makes me so curious if there is crows feet treatment available in the market today. With the social media that is so in, that it gives me a chance to follow many celebrities, I get to see these beautiful creatures who are quite older than me, but, wow, their skin are just looking young. I couldn't help myself asking if there is a way to delay skin ageing early without undergoing a medical procedure. I still haven't tried any of what I read, but, one thing's for sure, the natural will surely take a while, whereas, with the help of Science and Technology, everything is easier, with faster-result, but pricey, of course. If I'd have the means, I'd probably go with the former, but since, I don't have enough means, I'll try those that are being offered online or in the market, but, will make sure to check on the reviews about its product just to be sure of its effectiveness and safety.

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