Monday, May 13, 2013

Watch and Headband Organizers

I am kind of wanting to try on doing some Arts and Crafts these days. I just thought of keeping my stuffs a little more organized and I plan to make my headbands and wrist watches organizers instead of buying the ready-to-use ones. I was browsing the net and got an idea of how they should look.

        Headband holder

( credit to the web for the images)

For the headband organizer, I'll have to use a big empty tin can (from infant's milk formula) for it to perfectly hold them. That way, it will also stand on its own. For the watch organizer, I'm thinking of buying a platic box with compartments and just buy a cloth to cushion each spce. That way, I can save some money and be able to practice my artistic side, too, yay! Do you have any organizing tips? I would be glad to know them if you won't mind sharing it here.

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