Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dreaming of Rafe Totes

I was having my follow-up check-up at the Shangri-la's Healthway Clinic last time, and I was happy to have the chance to window shop at the mall again. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without me cheking on the bags on display around.

(image credit to the web)
My attention was most especially caught by the bags designed by our very own pride, the New York-based designer RafÄ“ (Raffy Totengco) totes and bags. I really like his designs. They are just comparable to those famous designer bags and he doesn't forget to incorporate it with Pinoy-touch. So this time, I opt to support his designs to show personally how proud I am of our own. So, what better way to achieve it is to start saving up already. I hope to have one of his pretty totes soon. ;-) Here's a peek of his designs, and I bet you're gonna drool. I would love to have at least one, but having more would be better but, one at a time (hahah!). Paging, hubby-honey!;-) If you're a bag-lover like me, I'm sure you'll wish to have a piece of these and even more. Let's go bag-shopping! Ooops, for me it's still saving up period, hahah!

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