Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Moringa-O Herbal Facial Toner


I was in college when I started to use facial toner. I don’t know who told me about it, but, probably it was an influence by my older sisters on me. I’ve been into different brands  since then, this Moringa-O may be the fourth one, and I think, I’m gonna stick to this for life. How did I find this? I was particularly looking for a facial toner that is alcohol-free, and I was so glad, that that’s what this is. Since alcohol has a tendency of drying one’s skin, I opted not to use alcohol-containing stuff for my face. I still prefer my skin having it’s regular tone, not- so-dry, but normal or somewhere in between being oily and normal. Moringa-O facial toner has gluta-C content, good for dry and sensitive skin – I have a very sensitive skin, so, since this one did not give me any allergic reaction from day one, that alone give me that thumbs up. With its Gluta-C content, I am not so sure if it really whitens my skin, but, I just love my facial skin’s texture as of the moment. I particularly like this product’s smell, which is mild. It doesn’t sting, and does not give me worries of being too harsh on my skin, because, of its mildness.  It also says, helps in: cleanisng, oil control,  pore minimizing, anti-bacterial, anti-acne, moisturizing dry skin, and skin lightening. I think, the product is just being true to its purpose. This is my second bottle already, and I am happy about this great find of mine.


This is not a paid review. All the contents are all mine since I really am a user of this product.

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