Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Bling-bling Business Online

I have been seeing a few women wearing those cross-stretchy side bracelets and I found it really nice, so I looked for similar stuff from an accessory shop and 'was so happy to find it. But, I ended up buying some more for sale, which I thought, would be perfect for online selling. I am also making few designs myself, and I just love it. I am only in my second week, and it's been a lot of hardwork, but, I am having fun, so it's more than okay.

Here are few of the items available at the moment:

images from Blingbiz plus FB page

Since I sell these online, I already have my shop via Facebook Page which I named it, Blingbiz plus and on Instagram as @BlingbizplusbyArcee. As of the moment, I've got few accessories for sale including purses. I hope to have more capital so I can sell more stuffs. I still have a long way to go, but, I hope and pray that this one becomes a success. Please feel free to visit or shop there. Thank you.

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