Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: SHADES by Kolours Hair Color

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So, I finally tried changing my hair color, but, I guess, the brand that I used was not good enough for me. Since it's my first time, I was kind of scared of trying on imported brands, and those that has strong scents, so I used SHADES by Kolours. I followed the instructions, but did not go more than 30-minutes (instruction says can extend for 5-15minutes for better effect) for fear that such time could be too much especially for a first-timer like me. When I rinsed-off the solution from my hair, the supposedly mahogany color did not do much, it only turned the few grey hair reddish brown and all the rest still as black as it used to be. But, what I'm happy about is, it did not have any harsh odor, and I did not have any allergic reaction. I am still thinking if I'll use the same brand next time, just extend the time, or try on another. I will have to do a little research for sure. Would you have any recommendations?

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