Saturday, July 13, 2013

Perfect Travel Bra Bag

Well, as I am writing this, a friend of mine who considers me an O.C (obsessive-compulsive) is very much present in my thoughts (hahah!) right now. She's one of those who noticed me on how much I exert effort on organizing my things. I just love  it that way! In fact, I am such a fan of all organizing stuffs around. This time, I'd like to share this perfect travel companion that I bought for myself, my bra bag. Actually, it can also be used to store brassieres at home because this bag will fit inside a drawer or it only needs a small space in the closet. But, in my case, I just use this when I am travelling, to keep my bras deform-free. It could keep four (4) bras, so it's really cool. I just find it a wise buy for over P300. I am thinking of selling this on my online shop soon.

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