Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Daily Physical Exercise as Influenced by my Aunt

Back in gradeschool, I remember having our morning stretching everyday right after the flag raising ceremony. But, to me, it wasn't only during my gradeschool days that I do the said exercises because my Aunt Iying told me to do it everyday until I grow old. She made me understand how important it is for ones body. So, now that I am already in my 30's, I still do it. Sometimes I also do Zumba, thanks to You Tube for the videos ;-) But when the internet connection is weak, I just do my own choreography, just to stretch my body. I would say, that my body is looking for it already. It hurts when I don't exercise for a while. I don't think there had been a straight week of no exercise for me eversince I started exercising. How about you, what kind of physical activities do you have just to keep that body healthier? Up to this day, I am thankful for my aunt who have influenced me with this. She's already up there, but, she will always be in my thoughts.

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