Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Outfit of the Day

When I started with Instagram about 2-months ago, that’s when I first saw the sign, #OOTD. Immediately, I checked on google what it means, so there, it’s “outfit of the day”.  But, I am not much of a doer of this poses, but I tried it once, too, and it’s just because I was dressed up with my top favorite color which is blue. Tarrrraaaannn,I still don’t know when I’m going to do this next, probably this is a lot more common and fun for those who are required (due to their respective careers) to always look nice and presentable. Just like our famous local celebrity, Miss Anne Curtis. I just love looking at her #OOTD's on a daily basis. She has never looked off, and I guess, everybody likes the way she dresses up and carries herself.  But in case you’re wondering what made me do this, it’s my new blue ballet flats (hahah!). My top is a ZARA long sleeves that I rolled up to make it three-fourths, a white leggings from Folded & Hung, and my medium-sized blue Longchamp Maroquinerie - hubby's latest gift for me...Thanks, hon! It made the whole blue love complete. (wink*wink*)

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