Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just so Excited

Aside from being busy lately, I have been so excited about hubby's coming home, because we will have a lot of events to celebrate and attend to. First, we will be celebrating Rem's 8th birthday, then we will be busy preparing for Samar.First of, we will drop by Guiuan to visit my uncle Monsi, then we'll go to Sulangan, then we will me attending my high school Alma Mater's (St. Mary's Borongan) Alumni Homecoming where hubby's batch is the sponsor. And last, but, probably not the least, we will be there until the town Fiesta...Wow, how about that? It's been years since I last spent fiesta there. All in all, we will be in Samar for over a week. As the song goes, "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!" This is just exactly how I am feeling now. But of course, most importantly, we will be spending another quality-time as a family. Thank you, Lord, for times like these.

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