Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bling-bling for Kids


I am already on my second month in making bling-blings, and I am so glad about it. I am now into making personalized blings, hoping to cater kids, too. Though beaded bracelets are also nice for kids, it is still cute when they’re on chain (metal bracelets and necklaces). Since kids could easily lost accessories, it is best to train them by wearing the fake ones yet, but, still classy. I’ve got here few samples of the blings I’ve made for kids. My bestseller at the moment is the watch-like strapped bracelet with their names on it. I’ve got a funny story about the latest buyer who happens to be a dear friend. According to her, her three girls were so happy about their bracelets, but, the youngest daughter exchanged her bracelet to her big sister, since hers is only a 3-lettered name while her sister consists of 6-letters - cute! 

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