Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Barbie Fashion at Jahzeel's 7th Birthday

How time flies…My seven year old daughter has her own fashion ideas already. But, thankfully, she still considers me her consultant, and the truth is, I am glad that she has a mind of her own, yet thinks of me that I am still her best fashion critic, hahah! Last month we attended a Barbie themed party of one of her classmates and another one of the same theme again last Sunday. This time, it was for Jahzeel’s 7th birthday.  Rem was so excited weeks before the event, and she had been asking for a Barbie boots. Thanks God, there was a sale of Barbie items in one of the shops at the Gateway Mall and got her dream shoe.

Here are few photos of her wearing the shoes:

The kids had a mini fashion show at Jahzeel’s birthday, and Rem had prepared for it. She had me curl her hair up and we discussed on what she should wear. Tarrrran, here she is:

Of course, I also joined in the picture. By the way, I was the party host, so I opted to wear pink inspired top. I was the Mommy version of Barbie, hahah! Seriously, I wanted to be kiddie friendly by dressing up girl’s favorite color – pink. Hmmm, I might have this party-hosting career soon. J This was a party that we, especially Rem, enjoyed so much – as always. Happy Birthday, Jahz! Stay as nice and bestfriends forever with Rem. God bless you always.

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