Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Were at Marga's 7th Birthday

Rem turned 7 last August and that means, all her classmates are of her age, too. Most of them have parties and she gets invited sometimes. Being the mom, and the only caregiver she's got, I always get to go with her and have fun, too. Well, that's just one of the perks of being a mom. :-) We've been to different parties already since last year up to now (and counting)...Last Sunday, was her classmate, Marga’s 7th birthday, and we were there.

Here are few photos of the said party:
arcee_camps's Marga Just Turned 7 album on Photobucket

For me, this was a party that was well-thought of which obviously showed the main purpose of showcasing Marga's love for dancing, for Barbie, cupcakes and anything fancy for a seven year old. It was also a well supported party where her family and friends rendered intermission numbers to make the whole event a lot more exciting and fun. It was a kiddie party, yes, but they also made sure adults enjoyed it as well: the food, the program and the games, too. Marga will surely cherish the fun memories her 7th birthday gave her…I can only imagine how grand her 18th birthday will be.:-) I'm ending this post with a wish for Marga to stay as a happy girl that she is, and that her parents' dreams for her and her own dreams all come true. God bless you, birthday girl! 


  1. What a great birthday celebration. The mini-concert looked awesome. I bet the 18th birthday will be more like a grand ball.