Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sale it, Love it!

Plains and Prints top
What I love about each New Year are those ongoing sale on different malls, the many shops including those apparel shops. I always look forward to it and make sure I get to shop few pieces for me and even for my daughter, Rem. Most shops go on sale until the first week of February, so there is really a lot of time to check and buy. The  only question is the budget. But since the sale go as low as 70% off on some items, I’m sure anybody could grab something for themselves. For this year, I've gotten myself a couple of tops from Plains & Prints at 50% off which totaled to P800.00 only. Not bad, right? My rule when it comes to sale is by not getting pieces that are trendy, but, go with classic pieces. Something that will always be in at any time. Are you also a bazaar and sale addict like me? For me, there's nothing wrong with it, in fact, it's being a practical shopper. 

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