Monday, January 14, 2013

My LV Bag Story

Being a self-confessed bag-lover, I’ve also wanted a Louis Vuitton bag just like other women who share the same interest as I am. But my most wanted bag among their bags, has always been the Speedy 30. I was just so happy  when I went to a bazaar where this was on sale, and I was like, that must be for me. It’s pre-loved, but the overall look was still okay, no torn parts. I just needed to cover it’s handle because it was already dark brown due to sweat (acid) and probably dust. My solution was to put a twillies on it which I’ve had it made at an alteration shop and once I wrapped its handle, I found it even better. The perfect way to break its monotony. Curious how much I got it? Well, I got it for only 13K, cheap enough compared to the brand-new and the other pre-owned ones I’ve seen. It is going on its 5th year in my care already, and I only had it’s slider leather changed, that’s it, no major restoration yet. I consider this my wisest buy among my bags and I am so proud about it. 

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  1. Oh I am dreaming to have a Louis Vittion handbag too. What I am drooling for right now is the Berkeley Damier. Ahhh!