Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dry Heels No More

I hope you're not one of those suffering from dry heels like mine, but if you are, be sad no more for I have found the solution to it. I used to have dry heels before, but, thanks to my dear cousin, Agnes, for having given me a present (pasalubong) during her last vacation from Singapore. It was the Body Shop's Body Butter (in Macadamia variant) that worked well on my heels. Though it can also be used to other areas that need moisturizing, I particularly applies this to my heels, and I'm so happy about the result.

(image credit to the web)
The peach cream (on the right) is for dry skin areas, while the white one is for normal skin areas. I've been a big fan of this product since, and once you try this, I'm sure you'll say the same thing. So, it's goodbye dry heels for me.


This is not a paid post about the product. Whatever contains on this post is all mine for I am a user of the said product.

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