Monday, September 16, 2013

Review: GIGA Eye Bag Cream

My eyebags is just one of the few concerns I have. I guess, it's kind of genetics, the facial features and all, because my sisters got those, too. But, can those be avoided or minimized, at least? Since it is too close to the eyes itself, I am really scared of using other creams that are not naturally formulated. I remember the first time I used an eye cream, it was almost a decade ago already. It was from Avon, and it made me teary-eyed a bit whenever I'd apply it. So I stopped using it after having consumed the whole tube. Now that I am already having eye wrinkles and a bit of dark undereye circles, I am so much into applying eye cream again. But this time, it's a lot cheaper than the previous one, because it's GIGA's Eye Bag Cream. Its components are: VCO (virgin coconut oil), shea butter, cucumber extract and Vitamin E. I'd like to think that it is helping my eyes physiologic state. This one doesn't make me teary-eyed at all, no sting, no scent. So it is believably natural and herbal. I don't remember its price anymore but probably over a hundred pesos (P100.++) only. I haven't emptied my first container yet, but, I'll be continuing to use this, so will buy anew once consumed.

This is not a paid post, all contents are mine, as I am a true user of the product.

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  1. bought mine at for only php95. I can say that this product is effective for moisturizer but works less in puffiness