Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hubby's High School Reunion

I can't help but be happy about hubby's excitement on their high school reunion last September 3. Rem and I were able to tag along with him, so, we were able to spend a week in the province. Their batch (1988) was the host batch for this year, and it was a success. Everybody had good reviews about the event, from the decorations, presentations, costumes and how it was organized. Since it is also my Alma Mater, St. Joseph's College (St. Mary's), I was also there, but of course, I joined in my own batch.

Here are few photos from the said event:

with Rem here...Hubby wanted us to wear their costume, the Hawaiian cloths, as it was the even't theme, but, I did not. Don't they look great?

 This one is the picture from the photobooth, and I just took a shot of the picture already. The resolution was nice. This was the best family shot of ours that night.

with four of my batchmates...from left: Sharon, Arlene, Alden and Jihan

It was such a night to remember. I also had fun having been able to join in my batch. Though, I get to attend in those informal reunions every now and then, I think, I'd never get tired of seeing them because they just reminds me of those young and carefree days. I was of course, so happy for hubby also, because he really had so much fun even from the rehearsals and preparations period. With that, I'd like to thank him for bringing us home with him. It was really a fun night that he shared to me and Rem. When it's already our turn, I hope he could also come. ;-)

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