Friday, March 22, 2013

Saving Cents for Scents

It is a must for me to always apply cologne or perfume everyday especially when I’m going somewhere. I usually have 3 different type of scents: a cologne, an EDT (Eau de Toilette), both for regular days, and a perfume for night outs.  When it comes to cologne, I am not so particular with the brand names, but more on the scent. It has to be a shower fresh scent, while for perfumes, I go for branded ones because they’re really lasting. When I’m almost out of these, I look for discount perfumes offer in order to save a bit. Being sensitive when it comes to scents, I am cautious about buying one. I do make a personal research like scent smelling of sample perfumes on malls before I buy online or on shops. Some scents are just so overpowering that make me either dizzy or sneezy. Though hubby is working abroad, which means he’s got a chance to buy these, this is something that he cannot just surprise me with because of how sensitive I am when it comes to scent. It really has to be my requested scent that he should gift me with so it wouldn’t come to waste. I think, my type of scent is more into the mild and sweet side. How about you? Are you more into those strong ones?

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