Friday, March 29, 2013

My Must-have Footwear

I don’t really consider myself being so much into footwear. A few pair would be fine, but thong sandals are considered a must-have. Being in a tropical country, I find such footwear comfy and practical. At the moment, I’ve got 2 pairs of the said style in brown and in black. But, I am featuring my black one from Charles & Keith.

This isn’t made of genuine leather, but I love its quality and how much it cost. If my memory serves me right, I got this for less than P2000, and have been using this for several months now. For me, it’s really all about taking care of it in order for it to last. Once I need a new one, I’d go and check for the same brand again.


This is not a paid post by Charles & Keith. All the content in this post is mine, I just happen to own a pair of this brand and decided to share about it.

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