Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Modesty in Fashion

When it comes to fashion, it doesn’t have to be glamorous and expensive all the time. For me, I always consider modesty when it comes to this. Aside from being able to save money by keeping it simple, it has this elegance that exudes by following the clichĂ©, “less is more”. My latest pick when it comes to fashion are maxi dresses and LDS Sister Missionary skirts. Obviously, it’s anything long which I consider perfect for someone like me who’s not gifted with great legs and who can’t stand the coldness of the aircon in malls. For me, these can be worn for formal and casual look. I usually top this with plain tank tops and accentuate it with chunky necklace. That way, it looks more classy without forgetting the touch of simplicity.  Having a fine set of accessories to enhance the look always do the trick. And I never underestimate the power of being able to mix and match because this is a practical way of being a true fashionista. I myself, am a lot into mixing and matching of my fashion pieces. I also go for sale items, and I just make sure I get few pieces on trend and more on the classic pieces. I just love being a practical shopper because it makes fashion a lot cheaper, yet, still manage to look chic and fab.

If you’ll ask me what kind of fashion I am comfortable with, it’s really depending on the occasion. My rule is actually to dress up just right, not overdressed or underdressed. I also don’t want being catchy, and that’s the reason why I don’t really go much into the latest trends, and more importantly, I have to dress my age. Being a mom, I make it a point to be presentable that would make me feel good about myself and for my husband and daughter to be proud of me, as well. And that’s where modesty  comes in for it shouldn’t be my priority as a mom, but of course, that is an exemption for those who can afford and those whose career is into modeling. But, the key is to always be comfortable with what we wear especially if we’re to attend to our kids.


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