Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Organizing my Accessories

Having a small place has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to keeping my stuffs. One advantage is, it is easier to do because it doesn’t entail too much energy, while one disadvantage is, I’m forced to look for proper organizers so my stuffs won’t cause the whole place to be messy. This goes also to keeping my accessories, and thank God for those organizers of different sizes and shapes that makes life easier;-).

The earrings are kept in this box (bottom right) with separators and placed in a small drawer while the other two for necklaces and bangles are hanged in the cabinet. That way, it’s easier to look for them. It makes me feel good when I see things in order, which reminds me of a couple of friends who consider me an O.C (obsessive-compulsive) hahah! But, gladly it’s not a disorder, but making my life in order, instead.  

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