Friday, February 22, 2013

Bracelets for Health and Fashion

I am such a bracelet fan. Among the jewels, I always say that rings and bracelets/bangles are my top favorites. Though it’s not always safe to wear those real ones here in the city, I am happy and content with my different types of accessories, mostly fake, glad it’s kind of in these days, and only few real ones that I seldom wear. I used to have the stainless bracelet years ago, and I liked it because it could go well with any attire I’d wear. I can't find it anymore having moved a few times already. Now, I’m eyeing to have these magnetic bracelets  for me and hubby, because it’s not only an accessory, but also beneficial to health. I remember my former boss who happens to be Chinese was always wearing a magnetic bracelet, and according to my colleagues, he has gone a heart surgery before. To me, he looked okay, so I’m convinced that the magnetic bracelet really helps. Though I’m sure he may be taking other health supplements,  there’s nothing wrong also to wear something fashionable and with health benefits at the same time. I’d go for the two-tone, with gold end, while hubby could have the plain magnetic stainless steel. I can’t wait to wear this. Yes, to fashion, much more to good health!

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