Sunday, December 2, 2012

Reunion at Centerstage

We originally planned to have our get-together (again) by January of 2013 already, but another batch-mate from grade-school,  Gilda, came to the city on the last week of November so we adjusted, hoping that there would be at least 4 of us. Unfortunately she didn't come for unavoidable reason.

                                                  Sherilyn, me (Arcee) and Ada

But who's gonna stop us from having fun? No one! We ended bringing along other members of our families with our kids as well. I've got my niece Charisse who was supposed to fetch Rem only so they can go home ahead of me, and Dennis (Ada's partner) that was supposed to pick her up. We had snacks at Yellow Cab, Trinoma before we went to Centerstage, Morato (where Karylle is one of the owners). We had a blast. With that, we are having our next reunion-cum-post Christmas Party on the 26th of January already. We're all excited, of course. It will be the same venue, for we liked it there. The food, the ambiance and the music. So, see you guys, again!

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