Monday, November 26, 2012

The Zoren-Carmina Wedding

                                                      (image credit to the web)

If you were unable to watch the wedding via ABS-CBN last Sunday night, you’re not alone. I was also unable to. Well, no matter how good of a show is gonna be aired, mommy duties come first for me all the time. Rem wouldn’t sleep without me beside her, and I need to save up energy for the next day since it’s a Monday. Anyways, I don’t feel so bad about it because that was the very 1st thing (watching TV regularly) I gave up since I got pregnant.

I just browsed the internet and see what I could read or watch about the wedding coverage. Thanks to the technology these days. It makes me not miss a thing. Just late but never a “nothing at all”. It really was a wedding every woman would want to experience. Congratulations to the both of them! May their love continue to blossom as its reward is really incomparable. I just remembered telling my husband the other week as we are on our eight year of marriage already, “it’s such a blessing to feel that as our marriage grow old, our love is just growing deeper, too. Ideally, I guess that should be the case. For me, it’s really where the song “grow old with you” hits. I always look up to men (now including Zoren) who give much importance to their wives, and even give credit to all that is due to us, wives. It really is about giving importance to the one we love, and it should work both ways. Obviously, to the newly-weds, that’s what their marriage looks like. Their wedding was not only fancy, that made it so nice, but, it’s the love for each other that was really felt by everyone. For me, that kind of love is possible for all and that’s where we should be excited about.

To the Legaspi couple, Zoren and Carmina, thank you for the inspiration and for the “kilig moments” that you shared to many. May your Love continue to inspire all married couples and those that are still dreaming of it.

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