Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Other Honey

Staying up late for three consecutive nights has finally taken its toll on me. With the cold weather and the busy days that I’ve had, it made the flu so easy to hit me. It was a different flu that I experienced, in fact, it was the first of its kind that I had. I felt all the symptoms except the fever, which I considered an advantage because I don’t have a maid at the moment. With that, I had to ask help from my neighbors, Joy and Beverly and my niece, Charisse, for some tasks needed.

image from the web

Thanks also to my ever-reliable Manuka Honey which I consider my other honey, for it made me feel better soon. This served as my natural antibiotic and it’ really effective. This is available at Healthy Options which are at different malls in the country.

I am not connected with the producers or importers of Manuka Honey. This is just my way of sharing how it made me well and for those who want to try it also.

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