Monday, August 13, 2012

A Sunshiny 50th Wedding Anniversary

It was Mina's (one of my best-friends back in college) parents 50th Wedding Anniversary last Saturday (August 11, 2011), and I was so glad to have been able to make it, with Rem in tow. I used to stay in their house over weekends or for weeks during summer when we were still in college. It's been awhile since I last visited them, and nothing has changed, they're still fun and accommodating.

Since it’s been raining a week before the said wedding, it was such a great view to have seen the family wear their beautiful wedding attire in sunshine yellow color: all ladies in yellow and men in classic barong with yellow undershirt. I even said, it is definitely a sunshine after the rain. They all looked elegant and classy with their dresses, and even in photos, they really are. The golden couple wore classic beige which I think was just right. Having been a frequent house-guest, I would say that it was a wedding their parents deserve. The reception followed at a private resort, it was a pool party which made the kids really enjoy like my Rem. With that, I decided that we spend the night there which surely made her the happiest kid again. I hope we could visit them again when Mina gets home for another vacation. Thanks again for the invite, and good health and continued happiness to Nanay Fely and Tatay Paco! More blessings to the family.

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