Monday, August 20, 2012

Dressing Up for Hong Kong - Macau Tour

It was my first time to be out of the country (Philippines) for a tour, and what made it so ecstatic was spending it with my hubby and daughter, Rem. We were 4-days and 3-nights all in all in Hong Kong with a side trip to Macau and for me, it was just perfect. Prior to being on tour, few preparations were made and that included the what to wear clothes while on tour.

I had to check on the climate there, thanks to the internet. I then told myself that this was going to be a “no jeans tour”. Why? Since we would have long walks, it is best to be in soft pants or leggings and even a dress. For a dress, I got a denim maxi dress. We would laugh at it because I was like imitating some Korean ladies who were well-dressed while walking around, and some had their luggage in tow. But believe me, it was the most comfy feel I got. Tank tops and sleeveless were my must-haves with scarves in my bag all the time just in case it gets chilly or we get into an air-conditioned establishment. I would also like to give credit to my very comfy footwear, an Aldo rubber sandals which my sister Loida gave me last summer. That's the only footwear I brought and used during this entire trip.  I would say, I was able to prepare so well and managed to feel being fab and in fashion (wink,wink*).

Having this experience, I am now more ready to go on another tour except that I don’t have a budget for it, yet. I’d like to end this post by expressing my heartfelt thanks to my Honey, for having approved of this as our birthday present for Rem as she turns 7 (August 23) and to GOD up above, for having provided us with all the resources and having watched over us during the entire tour.

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