Friday, August 24, 2012

Cetaphil: My Gentle Facial Cleanser

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for almost 4-years now, but being just home most of the time, doesn’t mean I’d give up about taking care of myself, particularly my face. For someone like me who loves putting on make-up, a great facial cleanser should be part of my daily facial care routine.

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Since I’m not gifted with a good skin, but a sensitive one, I had to look for a facial cleanser that is notharsh on my skin. I heard from a friend who’s a Pediatrician who uses nothing but Cetaphil as her facial cleanser and I tried it myself, too. For a first-timer, I got the biggest bottle already. I just depended on my gut-feel that it will work well on me since it says: Gentle Skin Cleanser (For all skin types). Thanks, heavens, it works. I love its texture for it’s non-sticky. And here’s the catch, it can be used without needing water. It has to be applied on the face, and gently wipe it with a soft cloth or cotton. Perfect for those late nights facial cleansing, right? My first bottle is almost consumed, and I’m already off to my next one...How about you, what’s your facial cleanser? If you want to try something that’s truly gentle, Cetaphil would be best. I would also love to try their moisturizer and will post about it again once I get to try it.


This is not a paid post about the product. I am a self-confessed user and I opted to make a review on the product.

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