Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend with Grade-school Buddies

As I always say, batch reunions are really fun, not only that you get to see each other again, but since most of the stories are about younger days, it kind of makes us all feel young again. Of course, we also get updated about how everyone is doing, and a start of keeping in touch with all who are present gets established. As usual, thanks to social media for making it a lot easier to reach .It was last July 29 when our friend-cum-classmate, Efren, who is based in California has treated out for dinner (till morning) for a get-together. Though I helped out in organizing it, I’d like to give credit to him for sharing his time and money (of course!) just to have some fun with us.

So, where did we go and what we did? We started out with a dinner at Mr. Choi Kitchen (restaurant) at the Robinson’s Gallleria which is adjacent to the Crowne Plaza Hotel where they were staying. Then we went to the Red Box in Eastwood Mall to have some singing (picture will follow) until 12midnight. Still wanting for more since Ada arrived at around 11:00PM, we went to a bar along Eastwood’s walk of fame, had some drinks and chit-chat then we went to Starbucks for coffee and more chit-chat.:-) We enjoyed it so much that the possibility of having an annual reunion might even be possible, right, Sherilyn? This happened on a weekend and I would say, it was indeed a happy weekend, and Efren deserve a big-time Thank You, for making it always possible to bring old friends together. It’s really those young yet great friendships that makes it all merry and exciting. Thanks so much to you and Jaimee (with Jaira), of course, for having joined you and supported you every time. Thanks also to the ones who made it: Rhoda, Sherilyn, and Ada. I hope, there’ll be more attendees next time. Hooray, to LCES batch ’88!!!

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