Friday, June 8, 2012

Men in Pink

These days, I commonly see men wearing pink shirts when pink has always been for girls or women. For me, yes, they still look manly and I find the saying, “real men wear pink”, true. Does your man wear pink shirts?

One day, I told my husband to buy a pink shirt because he’s got fair skin and I bet, any color will look good on him. He just smiled but didn’t like the idea. Well, for me, that didn’t make him less of a man, but it just made me think that the feeling of comfort should be taken into consideration. In his case, he thinks he can’t pull it off so I did not insist. I believe that if someone wears something that he’s not comfortable with (except for models), it will hardly look good in him or her. I did not force him to get a pink shirt, but I like it nowadays that he’s already trying on more happy colors with my influence. How about you, do you get to style your man? I just find it something cool for couples to share and critique with each other.

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