Saturday, June 2, 2012

Body Shop's Cheek and Lip Tint

I must admit that I am such a make-up lover, but I want to look as natural as possible. For me, Body Shop’s Cheek and Lip Tint is good for my natural look. This was on sale at 50% off when I visited Gateway Mall so I did not think twice in buying one. I’ve always liked this, but find it really expensive, but, thanks to my regular make-up supply from my big sister, Loida (again):-), that an absence of this had been substituted well with Clinique’s powder blushers.

What I like much about this is it’s cheek tint effect. The tint is easy to control from dark red to a lighter shade. The trick is right in your fingertips. How do I do it? I just put a little of the liquid, let it set for 3-seconds and spread it on my cheek gently and even more gentle if I want it lighter. With this, I don’t also need to put foundation and even powder (pressed or loose) on my face every time I’m going to apply this. This works so well even right after my facial moisturizer. It really is a light make-up with natural look which is perfect for an ordinary day look outside. I don’t really use it for my lips though because it feels dry on it and I still love the moisture feel on a lipstick. That, I’ll be posting about in the future, too.

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