Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Bag Raid Experience

I get to watch bag raids on TV, when the lifestyle or talk show host would raid the celebrity’s purse to check what they have. Sometimes, it’s the whole walk-in closet that they show on TV. Mine was bag raid in a sense that my big sister Loida who had a vacation last summer, opened her luggage to me, and let me choose what I wanted, and this was in exemption of my pre-ordered items from her as her pasalubong. Wow!!!

I was so happy and she was laughing at how much I got. Few clothes were really hers, brand new at that, but, she was not able to do anything the moment I asked for it already. I am such a spoiled little sistah – just kidding. The items I took were not diamond-priced, but it’s the love for each other among the two of us that’s really priceless. With the many items that I got, I haven’t had the chance to take photos of it. But, ‘will definitely post about it for you to see how much of a lucky bag raid day it was. I hope that it will be that way, whenever she comes home.

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