Sunday, May 27, 2012

Loving Emma Watson's Hairstyle

Who doesn’t know her? Not me! If you’re a fan of Harry Potter the movie, you will surely remember this talented young actress with such a pretty face. During the first movie, she was still a kid, and I just love how she’s become. She’s even grown prettier and whatever hairstyle she’ll have will surely look good on her. But, among her dos, it’s her fresh pixie cut that I loved the most.

Hermione of Harry Potter that we loved

her do that I love the most:)
(credit to google for the images)

I used to have my hair really short during summer, and it really felt good. So easy to take care of, with just a hair crème and I’m off to go. I just had to go to the salon once a month to keep it in style. I also made sure to put on make-up and a pair of studs for a girly feel. Though I like my long curly hair these days, I just find women in short hair brave and really sexy just like Emma. How about you, what hairstyle do you prefer, long or short?

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