Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Best Dressed Male Celebrity For Me

On the title, I was supposed to put, “local” before the word male, but since he’s already waiting for his Hollywood break (Amen to that!), I decided not to. I’m sure you know now who I’m talking about, it’s of course, none other than my idol, Sam Milby! Clap, clap, clap!

When he joined in the PBB House (Pinoy Big Brother House) a few years ago, I already liked him there from day one. That was based on his talents, his looks and his aura. But when he became a full-pledged actor (and now endorser), I liked him all the more. Aside from his talents, for me he’s the best dressed among the actors of this generation. He’s not trendy, but whatever he’s wearing everytime I see him on TV, print ads and movies, they just make him look a lot better. He may be dressed by stylists, but I bet, even if in times that he’s not, he still manages to look simple , yet, presentable, and even more handsome. With a face as good-looking as him, the X-factor comes in with the way he dresses up and how he carries himself.

I’ve got here few photos of him in different get-ups and he just looks perfect all the time. Thanks to google images for these:

With great looks and talents that he’s got, I know that there will be no stopping when he gets a shot at Hollywood. For me, I will always be a big fan of him…and my husband is okay with it. I am such a wholesome fan, anyway  More power to idol, Sam, and stay as good-looking as you are.

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