Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bang-bang Bangles!

Nowadays, genuine jewels are already very expensive, and for someone like me who just loves to accessorize, it is such a relief that I could resort to less expensive accessories and still manage to look nice. I have a few bangles these days and I just love wearing them without any fuss.

(when it comes to how I keep and take care of them, I am so happy to be reusing this tin can from Kamiseta boutique)

Among my collection, the most expensive one is at P200.00 or about a little over $4. Cheap right? What's so good about these is when someone compliments it. To me, that's the real bonus. My fashion tips on this would be: it should make you feel comfortable wearing one considering the texture and the sizes, should go well with your clothes or total look, and plain ones would be nice when wearing colored or printed clothes and vise-versa. So, are you ready to bang the bangles, too?

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