Monday, May 14, 2012

How About a Mustard Wallet?

My old MUNDI (brand) wallet had a rip on its side. I loved it so much because of its soft leather and the chocolate brown color. I tried to save it by trying to have it sewn at Mr. Quickie, but the staff told me that their thread would be too obvious in the outside and it wouldn’t look as nice anymore. Being such an O-C (obsessive compulsive) with my things especially my wallet and its content, I’ve been looking for a better replacement for it. I’ve tried at SM, but I did not find something that fits my criteria.

How I choose a wallet:

• genuine leather but soft
• classic but stylish
• it should be long
• can keep few cards (ATM)
• should be lightweight
• color should be with a touch of brown
• there should be enough space for coins
• with few compartments to hold important receipts

Having fallen in love with my old MUNDI wallet, I decided to check it at Rustan’s again. I was supposed to get the same style as my ripped one but they didn’t have stock anymore. When it comes to this, my budget is only up to P1000.00, I consider this one a wise buy at P895.00. And the color, oh, mustard is just so nice to look at.

How about you, are you a wallet-lover just like me? Would you believe that I just realized that this is something that I should buy myself? I just like trying it first if I would be able to use and flap it with ease. I just think that this is something that makes me feel lady-like whenever I’m using it.:-)

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