Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Latest Eye and Lip Care

Everytime I go to Healthy Options, I never leave this shop empty-handed. It's one of my favorite shops in the city.When I say favorite, I'd buy a thing or two everytime I get in there, that is even if I don't have anything in mind to buy. I just find everything there, worth buying for (hiihiihii).

The last time I was there, that was 2-weeks ago, I got myself this Vitamin E Stick, a lip and eye care in one. Since my tinted lip gloss is almost consumed already, I decided to get myself a new one. But this time, it's a colorless lip balm. What got me into buying this, is that, aside from being made from natural ingredients or less chemicals on it, it's also for eye care. I immediately used it, and I instantly loved it. It doesn't feel heavy or warm on the lips, and it also is a perfect way to protect my eyes, especially now that it's summertime.


This is not a paid post for the said product. Everything I said here, are mine.

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