Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Keeping my Hair Smelling Nice

Since I am using herbal shampoo and conditioner most of the time, and noticed that their scents are just so mild, that during the later part of the day, I am not confident anymore of how my hair smells. I needed to find a hair cologne. It's not easily available, I had to look from different beauty shops, and was so glad to finally find one from the Face Shop. They've got only one variant though, but, better than not finding at all. Besides, it's one of my favorite scents at the moment: Cherry Blossom.

It has a refreshing scent that I love. I just feel confident everytime I spray this on my crowning glory. I can re-spray it, whenever I need to.


This is not a paid post from Face Shop, all the contents in this post are all mine.

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