Monday, February 17, 2014

My ThrowbackThursday Entry

I don't usually have a regular entry for #throwbackThursday, it only depends on my mood. I have to check and search for old photos whenever I need to. But here's my latest entry:

I got this photo from my old scrapbook ;-)
This was year 1999-2000. Yes, I think I've had this look for a year. But to always look this way, I've had to have a monthly trim. I was only able to save on time and money and on shampoo, but, it was also spending much on its length maintenance and hair oil or gel. But this was literally  almost a wash and wear do, I only had to comb it through my fingers when I was outside, and it was so carefree. One more thing, this brought me a different kind of appeal, as there would few admirers that would make themselves noticed with this look. In fact, during my first date with my hubby now, I've had this look, and he still remembers. See!

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