Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early Christmas Shopping Finds

I really love shopping, and online shopping is just a different experience. I am so into it these days, and so far, I’ve had great buys from it. I just realized how convenient it is, especially since I cannot really concentrate doing the conventional shopping with my daughter in tow. I’m sure other moms can relate to what I’m saying. I’ve got few favorite shops already, and here are a couple of items that I liked best after I shop the selection they've got. Aren’t they nice? Ooops, don’t be surprised when I say, they’re on sale, because they are. That is just one of the perks, online shopping offers.

Kelsey Silk Halter Top in Soft Blue
With this blouse, I like it’s simplicity, and elegance at the same time. I just have something about halter tops, this will be my 4th already, and this will just make my collection more fancy.

Zusy A-Line in Hooded Coat

(images from http://luxurylane.com)

This coat is just in time for Christmas season because it is the coldest we have during the year. I’m sure it will look elegant paired with my slim fit jeans and a wedge. I like how that kind of look give me an illusion of feeling slim and a bit taller than I really am.

Honestly, I have few more items to buy, but, I’ve got to save up for it. Well, I still have over a month to complete my Christmas list and shop. How about you, have you started shopping already for the holidays?

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