Friday, November 16, 2012

Cocktail Rings for a Bling

Among the jewelries I always say that my favorite would be the ring. But it’s only now that it would include cocktail rings as well. I just find this chunky bling edgy yet elegant. When I look someone wearing one, may she be a celebrity or just a regular person, I can’t help but smile with admiration. And owning these two rings was not a shock for me anymore. I think I hit it off well. Wanna take a look of the rings I have? Here:

Are you into cocktail rings, too? It’s so nice to try on new things and see how it would make you feel. These two costs over P200.00 only. Well, for me, fashion need not be expensive, it’s just a matter of putting things together well, which means, color combination and being able to carry with confidence whatever you are wearing.

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