Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stuffs From the Bag Raid

I’ve previously posted about the bag raid I did on my big sister’s (Loida) luggage when she came home last summer and I am now finally showing you the items I got. These includes the ones that she personally handed to me.

I’ve got few clothes, around 10 (blouses and shirts), 2 red purses, a wrist watch, rubber sandals, make-ups and swimming cover-ups. It was so funny because when she saw me afterwards, she told me that some of the clothes I got were really hers, but, I told her, “sorry, you should have taken it out first before you let me choose.” As a generous sister as always, when it comes to things like these, she just smiled.

Receiving things from her is always a delight. Not only that I’ve got new girly stuffs, it makes me feel like the little sister that is loved. Thanks again, inse!!!

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