Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wishing the Duchess of Cambridge Well

You’ve probably heard or watched the news about the published topless photos of the Duchess Catherine of Cambridge also known as Kate Middleton. Of course, I wasn’t surprised if the victim and everyone in the palace got so upset about the publication of  those photos. It’s really sad at how people could be so insensitive just to gain profit.

                                                     (image credit to the web)

For anyone who’s in the position of the duchess, no matter how good of a body you’ve got will never feel good about having experienced an invasion of privacy this way. But with all these, I salute to the couple (Duke and the Duchess) for keeping themselves composed despite this gross controversy thrown to them. There is surely a hard lesson learned so as not to experience again the terror the former Princess Diana  and her family experienced while trying to run away from the paparazzi. They just got to be extra-careful this time. For now, I’m wishing the Duchess, the Duke and everyone in the palace well. These too, shall pass.

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