Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm Happy for JL!

We all know the perks of being famous, but, of course it also has its downside. Being one of the million fans of John Lloyd (Cruz), I’ve always been excited to know about his lovelife, just like any fan. The last one with Shaina (Magdayao) seemed so bumpy, but having it lasted a bit made me really think then that it was going to work out.

                                                    (image credit to the web)

Now, he’s been linked to the ever beautiful, Angelica Panganiban, where the latter’s 6-year relationship with actor Derek (Ramsay) just ended also, which I also thought would end into marriage. But, I hope my guess this time will come true. Well, I just feel that it’s going to have a real happy ending for JL and Angel. Why? For these two who came from serious relationships, I just consider it as if they’ve been ripened for each other - learned from those past to be better persons in love and in life. And not only that, being such natural comedians even in real life, this is just the perfect ingredient a married life could be a success, especially in their lifestyle and career. I really hope they’ll end up together. I may not be invited in their wedding (not bitter), but then again, as a fan, I also hope good things (especially in lovelife) for my idols. Whoever he ends up with will be an instant idol for me, of course.  Choose to be happy, guys, and everything else will follow. 

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