Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our President's 3rd State of the Nation Address

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Yesterday was our (Filipinos’) president’s 3rd State of the Nation Address. I made sure I was able to watch it to know how the country is doing and when I noticed that the applause was occurring very often, I decided to tally it on paper. Wow, it was almost a hundred applause for PNoy (President Noy-noy) that happened.

I, personally applauded and happy about our country’s state – hoping that it goes even better. I liked how he delivered it: being in Tagalog language, the data and statistics, his plans and the comparison from the time he got in to office till now. He’s full of optimism and he’s really trying his best to achieve what he has hoped for and promised from the start. I also liked how he commended the heads of the different government agencies for doing the jobs they’re supposed to do (well). To me, it was so humble of him and was a great way to express gratitude for everything wouldn’t be possible if not for their help and cooperation. I guess, in any company, expressing ones good points and not only the not-so-good ones are a simple yet effective ways to motivate a person. For that, a clap, clap to PNoy from me.

I’m also excited to check on the women’s fashion who attend this event. They really prepare for this. Who’s your pick? Mine was none other than the ever-ravishing, Dawn Zuleta as one of the congressional spouses. Of course, presidential sister and celebrity, Kris Aquino and Congresswoman Lucy Gomez-Torres were also wearing fashionable Filipiniana. To all the people who are working so hard for an improved nation’s state, thank you, and keep it up, especially to President PNoy!

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